Spinach Orange Smoothie


A smoothie serves as a snack to help get you through the day or can be used to replenish energy and nutrient stores after a tough workout.

– 0% added sugar
– 100% fresh fruit


  • Protect against cancer.
  • Prevent kidney diseases.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Rich in potassium and boost heart health.

Serving size is 270ml.

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• orange
• banana
• spinach
• coconut water

Health Benefit

Vitamin K

One of the health benefits of consuming spinach and banana smoothies is increased vitamin K intake. Vitamin K plays an essential role in early wound healing — it triggers the aggregation of blood cells, called platelets, into blood clots and stops bleeding at the site of injury. Make your smoothie with 2 cups of raw spinach to add almost 290 micrograms of vitamin K — more than twice the 120 micrograms recommended daily for men and more than three times the 90 micrograms recommended daily for woman


A smoothie made with spinach and banana also provides potassium. An essential mineral, potassium facilitates muscle function and nerve communication and also helps control your blood pressure. Both bananas and spinach serve as sources of the mineral. Each large banana added to your smoothie contributes 487 milligrams of potassium to your meal, while 2 cups of raw spinach provide an additional 335 milligrams, for a total of 882 milligrams — 17 percent of the recommended daily intake for adult men and women, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.

Vitamin A

Bananas and spinach both contain beta-carotene, a yellow pigment that serves as a source of vitamin A. After absorption, your body splits each beta-carotene molecule into two vitamins A molecules, which it uses to maintain your immune system and retinas, as well as to help guide the development of newly produced cells. Men require 3,000 international units of vitamin A daily, while women require 2,333 IU. Making a smoothie with two cups of raw spinach and one large banana boosts your vitamin An intake by 5,713 IU, providing your entire day’s worth in one meal.


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